About Us

We have always admired the beautiful Anglo Nubian Breed, however, they were too big for our family. We searched all the goat breeds, and came across the "Nuwby" or Mini Nubian.
It is a smaller variation of the Anglo Nubian. By crossing the Anglo Nubian with an Australian Miniature Goat, the progeny do lose some of the striking Nubian characteristics but keep the floppy ears, great colours and rounded nose. They make fantastic home milkers, have a wonderful gentle nature, and are very affectionate. 
We are aiming to keep their sizes between 60-70cm, however, there is NO height guarantee due to the Nubian heritage. 
We choose to Dam raise our kids, but spend many hours with them to make them nice and friendly. 
We will only bottle feed a baby if their mother rejects them or has too many mouths to feed. We find that they learn goat behaviours much quicker by doing what nature intended. 
All our goats are kid registered with the AABMGS and MGBA. They are disbudded, vaccinated and wormed before going to their new homes at around 8-12 weeks.
We provide an information booklet with how to best take care of your new pets, and are always available for advice if required.
Our goats have all been tested and cleared for CAE and Johnes Disease. We re-test yearly. We only keep a small herd, as we believe in quality, not quantity.
The Mini Nubians/Nuwbys make a great addition to any family. Once you've had some, you'll be hooked!

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